– Communicative visual design by Lisa Liljenberg

PAPER BAG (Design Exhibition)



#TOMORROWNIGHTINSWEDEN was my class' final design exhibition in May 2017 based on personal interpretations of the future of Swedish design.

A collaboration with Visit Sweden and Designgalleriet.  



I'm inspired by sustainability and fashion so I thought about how techniques today makes it possible for us to produce clothes out of PET-bottles or plastic from the ocean – something we couldn't imagine would be possible 15 years ago. So what's an unthinkable material for wearables today?  What will we be able to do with it 15 years from now?

Sweden is known for its nature and paper is a major resource for us. What if we could make paper wearable in the future? This idea struck me and I decided to make a bag out of paper. 


A handmade wearable bag made of paper. To achieve a "leathery" look I carefully wet the paper and slowly creased it in different directions to make it more endurable. I then cut out 4 pieces and stitched them together with a waxed cotton thread. 
Paper from Papyrus




For the exhibition we also worked together with Dreamquest with the challenge to make a large format print on plexi, sheet metal or wood for the exhibition walls. Since my theme was paper I wanted to take this one step further and therefor NOT use wood for my print. I chose instead to design a print of year rings and print it on plexi as a tribute to our Swedish nature.

Year Rings


Berghs: "Designstudenter tolkar framtidens design i utställning"
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