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A sparkling mixture of visual communication... 


Lisa Liljenberg [Cilantro Studios]

Goals, not just dreams...
I'm a student of Communication Design at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm, Sweden. My passion for communication in its many different forms was why I chose to apply to this award winning school - and this program in particulary. 

After working in the fashion industry for 5 years I decided it was time to become a student to be able to really focus on the areas that interested me the most: visual communication –– in form of marketing, graphic design and photo/video production. 

Now I balance my days of school with personal creative work and hobbies. I enjoy to do yoga in the morning, cook tasty (preferably asian) vegetarian food, visits the cinema as much as I can and have a glass of champagne when life is fabulous!

What you see on this website is my personal process of development within my field. My creative approach is to find new innovative ideas and communicate them in a way that is visually attractive for the audience.

Hope you like it! Perhaps we can work together? 

So, why the name CILANTRO STUDIOS? 
Cilantro (also known as Coriander) is one of my absolute favorite herbs in cooking!  Also, I find the name (in Spanish) to be very beautiful, both in typing and speech. I actually didn't want to use my own name firstly for work (since it might be hard to pronounce if you're not Swedish) so I needed to come up with another name to work under. Cilantro was definitely a name on top of the list!
A studio is the place for development of different types of art, which seemed like the perfect follow up on the name! My studio is simply wherever I decide to be for my work! It can be at home, at school, in a café or in a hotel... 
So, welcome to CILANTRO STUDIOS - my world and my work. 





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